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The purpose of this blog is to encourage your personal, daily walk with Jesus Christ, by seeing Him through the eyes of Mark Rodriguez. Updates will be made regularly so please subscribe. Most posts are taken from Mark's private journals or written by his mother unless otherwise noted.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Simple Things



You are beautiful.  You can bring me contentment through the simplest things, such as a light breeze on a warm day.  I can literally feel you all around me, Lord.  You've created and done so much more for me than I know.  Thank you for loving me despite my failures.  

God, I'm starting to give into anxiety and worry again...

Lord, these worries are gnawing away at my joy, peace, and faith.  Assure me, Father, that you have everything under control.  I don't need to worry because that won't help anything.  What happens, happens.  Open my eyes to your omnipotence, Father. 

I love you,