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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apathy, Part 1



It's one of the things I'm most afraid of, and one of the things I'm least understanding of.

My life is something others beg for, be they Ugandans or Nicaraguans or other Americans.  There aren't riots on my streets.  I am not being fiercely oppressed by my government.  I'm not bullied at school.  I'm not battered by a fierce social ladder in my grade.  

I always have enough food in my pantry...I've lived such a safe life it almost seems ridiculous to me sometimes.  It's extraordinary for someone to be this protected in such a dangerous world.  I sometimes feel like I live in a world of glass, a utopia...

There are so many people who would consider their life complete if they had just one of the things I mentioned above.  And that's where this whole apathy thing comes in.  My idea of an apathetic me is a Mark who just lives in his utopia, soaking up the blessings, intentionally oblivious to any sadness or hurt outside his world.  I'm not saying that enjoying blessings is wrong.  They're meant to bring joy.  It would be completely inconsiderate to reject blessings because there are people out there who lack them.  That helps nobody.  The reason I fear apathy is I fear I'll slip into a life of ignorance.  I'm terrified of never leaving my comfort zone, yet I'm terrified of leaving it as well.  There are opportunities to love, to help, to listen, to bless that I have passed up because of my utter selfishness.  Opportunities I could have seized.