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Wednesday, September 3, 2014




I've discovered something important: Life is a matter of perspective.  When I wake up, if I look at my day as though it's going to be boring or hard or something like that, then I'll probably have a bad day.  But if I look at it in a positive light, and focus on that as I live the day, I'll most likely have a good day.  This is much more important than it seems.  Perspective determines how you live, and in a way, who you are.  I remember around this time last year I was living with a negative perspective.  Then Carley told me she was going to start thinking more positively.  I guess I realized that that was a good idea, so I made that decision as well.  Now, I feel like I fully understand the importance of positive thinking.   Lord God, help me to see the beauty in all things.  Not just in things I like, but things I don't as well.  Be it something as small and trivial as food, or something deep and complex like people.  You can't love someone if you have a negative perspective.  

Thank you Father.