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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free of Myself



Your love endures forever.  What my parents have for me, you have a hundred fold.  And you always will.  No matter how many times I sin, your love will not waver.  You have set my heart free, Father.  Even though I’ve committed adultery with the sinful nature for as long as I can remember, you died so I could be free of myself.  So I could be free of the curse of man.  There is no greater gift than the salvation you’ve given me, Lord.  Thank you. 

Lord, direct my footsteps according to your Word.  May your decrees be constantly in my mind, out-screaming the lies of the world.  I thirst for your truth, and your law is true.  Therefore, fill my mind with your law.  May your laws sustain me; let me live that I may praise you.