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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lifestyle, not Checklist: Apathy, Part 2

So how will tomorrow be different?  Maybe I just passionately wrote out my feelings and tomorrow will check back in to my utopia of blissful ignorance.  I sure pray that's not what happens.  I think a way that I could start to move in a new direction would be if I'm a bit more open to people who aren't necessarily my core group of friends.  If I'm more friendly, be it to acquaintances or strangers, maybe I can help them.  There are people all around me whose lives are warzones, and they are crying for help.  One thing's for sure, I can't let this be a checklist.  Yay, someone confided in me, I'm not apathetic.  Because it's not a checklist, it's a lifestyle.  Tomorrow, when I wake up, I pray that it would be with eyes of love, with a relational, amicable attitude.  Apathy can NOT own me.