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Monday, March 23, 2015

What Changes Everything

11-5-13 Tuesday
This is what Satan would like me to believe about pride: that it is a sin that will hound so hard after me that I’ll never be able to focus on loving people.  But that’s not true.  By the power of the gospel I am free; I don’t need to worry or think I can’t love because of the temptation.  Instead of being afraid of pride, I can be stoked on loving others.  Love is the lens that makes us realize how wrong and detrimental pride is. 

I don’t have to live a life of guilt and depression over my sin.  I have been brought to live because God died painfully for me! For this, I ought to live a life of passionate thankfulness and joy.  The king of Heaven loves me, I will live out of that truth. 

Psalm 119—David is overjoyed at the Lord’s commands because he has found what it is to love, and that changes everything in someone’s life. 

Come and see what God has
He is awesome in his deeds toward the children
Of man.
Psalm 66:6

Come and hear, all you
Who fear God
And I will tell what he
Has done for my
Psalm 66:16
I need to tell the world of God’s goodness!