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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Subject of my Soul

11-28-13 Thursday



I’m so far from understanding how much God wants to do life with me.  Sometimes, I even forget or reject that fact.  But this truth is the only thing that leads to everlasting joy.  He loves me.  He truly, deeply, passionately loves me.  And sometimes, there won’t be miraculous things all around me to back that up.  But there are always blessings, there are always expressions of his love.  It doesn’t take me seeing a blind man healed to know that. 

Jesus, over and over I’ve rejected you.  I’ve rejected this perfect, pure intimacy for trash.  I’m so, so sorry Lord.  Please, be the cry of my heart, the subject of my soul.  Fill me and fulfill me.  Refine me and renew me.  Fight with all your love against my stubbornness: break me if you have to.  You are the only thing worth living for. 

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