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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Best Lover

10-28-13 Monday


In romantic love you have to pursue.  You have to figure out what she loves and do it for her, because you love her.  When she sees how much you’re doing for her, she’ll realize just how much you love her. 
I think God is doing just that for us.  Pursuing us, setting up just the right things to blow our minds and make us realize His love for us.  The sad thing is, we often turn our heads.  We let stress or hate or disappointment bring us down and make us not care about love.  But He keeps going.  And He won’t stop. “Love is strong as death, jealousy is demanding as the grave”

I don’t wanna miss out on this.  I will not place my goals, my responsibilities, or my passions over this.  I will not make this love something I’ll participate in only if I have time for it.  No, I’m going to throw everything to the side like Peter did, in complete awe and joy at this love that’s relentlessly passionate for me.  He is the best lover, because He knows everything that makes me tick, and goes after that with all His heart.