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Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm Untouchable


"To Live is Christ, and to Die is Gain"
Philippians 1:21

I love this verse so much, Lord.  It makes me feel invincible, untouchable.  If I'm alive, then I can serve and glorify Jesus, if I'm dead, I'm with Him.  My enemies can't take that from me.  Satan can't take that from me.  No matter what, I will live forever, and I can have joy and peace every moment of that eternity.  Now I know I'll block that joy and peace from myself sometimes, most likely in times of trouble.  Which is kind of backwards, honestly.  In a time of pain, why wouldn't I want joy and peace?

Anyways, Lord, I thank you that I have that assurance.  That I'm untouchable, that I'm yours.  I am your child.  That's part of my identity as a new creation now.  Give me the strength to remember that, to cling to it.  No matter what troubles come, I am a child of God, and I will live forever.

Thank you,