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The purpose of this blog is to encourage your personal, daily walk with Jesus Christ, by seeing Him through the eyes of Mark Rodriguez. Updates will be made regularly so please subscribe. Most posts are taken from Mark's private journals or written by his mother unless otherwise noted.

Friday, July 11, 2014

What we found in Mark's planner...

The following quotes are little things written throughout Mark's planner on various days scribbled around his homework assignments...some serious, some funny.  Enjoy...and consider how we can write little thoughts about God everywhere!

"Mom owes me $15 bucks"

"Thank goodness they brought pigs so we have bacon" Mr. B

"I love how as I'm kinda running into this question of the importance of theology and doctrine, I'm entering into this class bout how theology isn't more important than love, but it's still important. God's moving :)"

"Mark, you're scared of losing me but I never have and I never will leave you." God

"Oh Jesus, keep me far from bitterness and jealousy and judging others.  Empty me of these selfish thoughts and spring up a well of love and joy within me."

"You think I don't know swag? How bout that scarf? She had swag with it."

"I am not okay with the grades I've been getting.  Not because I want good grades but because I know God has gifted me for school.  I need to be using the gifts he's given me to their fullest extent for his glory.  I'm working for the Lord, not men, and even if school isn't my favorite thing, it is an opportunity for me to GIVE HIM GLORY!"

And Finally...
"Life is beautiful.  Live it.  Be thankful and love people.  Stay away from pride and selfish ambition.  Seek God and keep your eyes open to how he's moving.  And pray continually, seeking his will and his guidance.  This is how life should be."