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Friday, October 17, 2014

Wild Joy

May 29th, 2014


Was hit by the realization last night that I don’t really view myself as God’s child very well.  I think pretty low of myself, and though we’re called to be humble, I’m realizing the way I’ve been thinking has actually been kinda selfish.  I’ve been so caught up in the idea that I’m weak and unworthy of God’s love that I’ve forgotten to fully live in the light of what He’s done for me.  Yes, I’m a sinner, and it’s important to acknowledge that.  But I’m also beloved to the creator of the earth, sky and sea.  That’s cause to live with wild joy! I don’t need to live in shame of my sin anymore.  My cage door’s been unlocked and I can live in joy of my freedom.  I’m not filthy.  I’m white as snow...

...I love how in Psalm 107, both people dealing with tough circumstances and those who’ve blatantly denied you are quickly met with grace when they cry out.  You show no partiality.