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The purpose of this blog is to encourage your personal, daily walk with Jesus Christ, by seeing Him through the eyes of Mark Rodriguez. Updates will be made regularly so please subscribe. Most posts are taken from Mark's private journals or written by his mother unless otherwise noted.

Friday, October 10, 2014



You are all that I’m made for.  I’m not made to excel in school, to make music, or to take pictures.  I’m made to worship you, to enjoy a relationship with you that surpasses all understanding.  Right now, I’m stressed by the amount of work I have to do.  Really stressed; I know I’m going to be up pretty late because of it.  But Lord, I wanted to spend this time with you.  I shouldn’t have to find time for you in the midst of schoolwork. I should base my schoolwork around my time with you.  Because I know my time with you is more rewarding and refreshing than anything.  Yeah, I’m gonna be tired as mess when I wake up tomorrow.  But Oh God, this is worth it.  I can’t live without time with you.  I mean, I can survive but I can’t live, thrive.  I need you or my life is colorless.  Your beauty penetrates my life and sets it aflame with Peace and Joy.  Lord, I pray for that peace and joy right now.  Strengthen me. 

You’re worth this :)