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Friday, October 3, 2014

Blessings of Perfect Light


“Gratitude is an attitude leading to peace.”


It’s incredible how blessed we are but it’s astounding how easily we can ignore that.  Your blessings are a part of your grace.  We have done nothing to deserve them.  Yet somehow, we turn away from the beautiful things you hold out to us because of a love of ourselves.  The product of this?  Discontent, sorrow, longing, anger, murder, death, sexual immorality.  We seek our own blessings that we build of broken darkness instead of your blessings of perfect light.  What are the results of your blessings?  Peace, joy, contentment, laughter, giving.  “Our” blessings only result in evil, but yours result in perfect good.  And in that goodness we have peace.  We go to sleep knowing you love us, we rise with excitement to see your beauty in new ways.  The product of this peace is joy, which is like water.  It flows through our actions, our thoughts our lives.  May that joy flow out of our *team today, Lord.  May that joy give us hearts to serve and love others.  Reveal to each member of the team your blessings, so that we may live with a spirit of peace. 

I love you,


* Mark was in Nicaragua with the Norfolk Christian Missions Team.