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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Legit Alive

Friday (Nica dia quince)


--I want to talk to Bernabe tonight on being disappointed and the only one who never disappoints
--Thank you that your word is legit alive, you speak through it in amazing ways

Paul and Silas praising in jail
--IMPORTANT: They were not praying for freedom or to be set free, they were simply praising God for who He is
--Most missionaries, when thrown in jail, would probably be confused with God
--Paul and Silas, however, have faith.  They have done God’s will, and have ended up in jail.  They can have confidence His Will will still be done, because they have been faithful and right in the middle of it up to that point.
--Because of this, they need not worry about anything, but can praise God and wait for whatever he has next
--Earlier in Acts—Peter and disciples tell the authorities no matter what they do, they can’t stop them from proclaiming what they’ve seen and heard
--Why would we hide our thankfulness for what Jesus has done for us from anyone?