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Friday, September 18, 2015

Where is your Secret Place?

 (re-post from most popular)

May 26, 2014 (4 days before Mark went to Heaven)

There are a couple of things I need to get straight if I'm gonna draw closer to God this Summer.  First off, it is worthless if my prayer times are when I come and talk about how I'm gonna seek Jesus, but then kinda forget about what I read as soon as it's done.  I'm going to stop during the day to pray and dwell in the Lord's smile...

...If I let myself fall into being selfish, I am defying God's beautiful love and pushing him away.  I pray that Jesus would cultivate such a heart for loving others in me that I wouldn't even start to take that step. 

The last thing has to do with love.  Love must be a priority; it is my weapon and my war.  I want to love and respect my parents, I want to love my siblings.  I want to show love to every single person I run into and I want to understand how much God loves them.

I want to fade away.  My selfish desires have to go.  My hunger for recognition, compliments and being the center of attention is meaningless.

Let this be the summer of the Secret Place, where I create things for you God, you and you alone.  Where I truly listen and you tell me beautiful things.  Where you become more and more my passion, and I become more and more your bride.  

I am excited for this.

Psalm 17:15 "And me? I plan on looking you full in the face.  When I get up, I'll see your full stature and live heaven on earth." (MSG)

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