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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Free Book Giveaway in Celebration of Pastor Appreciation Month

Is your pastor the greatest?  Mine is :)

Well, I am married to mine so I am a little biased.

Next month, October 12th is Pastor appreciation day.  We are going to stretch the definition a little bit as we celebrate those who have brought us closer to Christ.  Is there a pastor or youth pastor (even a parachurch youth leader or worship leader, Christian teacher) that you want to encourage? 

In honor of Mark, we are looking for people who have lived out one of his favorite prayers 
"Teach me how to love." 
We are giving away books to the first 25 people you nominate.  Just send in all of the following:

1.  The name of your favorite Christian leader who you actually know because they have poured into your life
2.  What their role is at your church or parachurch ministry or school
3.  How does this person directly influence your walk with Christ...how do you see Christ in them? How do they inspire you to love God and others better?  Tell us!
4.  Their picture! (with you is even better!)
5.  Their address so we can send them a book.

Your name would be great as well so we can tell them who appreciated them, but if you want it to be anonymous, that's okay.  If for some reason someone is so great that they are nominated more than once, they will receive one book but we will let them know that multiple people appreciate them. 

Be aware we may post your comments and the pictures you send in, so just a heads up on that.  Books will go out the first week of October in time for Appreciation day.

All entries should be sent to support@godissupergood.com

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