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Monday, November 16, 2015

How do you Solve a Problem Like Maria? Part 1 Adopt...or help someone Adopt!

Mark Rodriguez had a huge heart for the orphaned and oppressed.  Since it is National Adoption Awareness Month, we will take a few posts to talk about the many ways one can help address the problem of children who are living without families.  

Joyful Maria while living in El Canyon Oprhanage
One of the most obvious ways to solve the problem of children without families is to adopt.  It isn't for everybody, but there are some people who have always felt that urge and are wondering right now if they should go for it.

According to worldorphans.org in the last hour 240 children were orphaned and 1, 604 aged out of an institution with no family to go to and no home.

The statistics are staggering.  There is no way to really know how many children are at risk but worldwide it is in the millions. In 2012, there were 5,434,000 children in forced labor slavery (International Labor Organization).  Children without the protection of a loving family are at risk of unspeakable things.

So, if you are are one of those people called to adopt, do it.  Now. If you are wondering if you should or shouldn't I have a list of questions you can ask yourself that might be helpful. Request by emailing me at support@godissupergood.com

Maybe you know you are not called to adopt.  There is another way for you to dramatically impact the life of an orphaned or abandoned child.  Help someone adopt. I am going to bet you know someone who is trying to adopt right now.  If you don't you can certainly ask around and you will probably find out pretty quickly.  Then help them fund raise (coordinate a yard sale, concert, etc). Get your church involved in praying for them, and provide other practical support while they are in the process.  Adoption is expensive, exhausting and time consuming.  A family who is adopting really needs their community cheering them on while they wait and while they parent.

If you just add one more action step this month to help children without families, you have forever impacted the world.  Don't just read about it, or post about it.  Do something.  This is real religion. 

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